The ability to translate ideas into sketches or detailed drawings is one of the fastest ways to share a vision. I’ve been at it since 1981 and each decade I’ve advanced my ability to share ideas and concepts. All of my creative projects start with drawings. I quickly render ideas that advance or eliminate concepts to guide and determine the direction a design will ultimately go. Drawing is my most precious and invaluable skill.


  • Form and function

  • Thumbnails and realistic

  • Dimension and shading


I was learning how to advance my calligraphy skills with pinpoint accuracy on an airbrush, while most kids were busy playing Nintendo. An airbrush in the hands of an artist can turn almost any canvas into a custom painted work of art. I’ve been airbrushing since 1989 and still enjoy it.


  • Calligraphy

  • Oversized works

  • Speed and detail


I’m inspired by brilliant design and its ability to guide our perceptions. Shape, color and scale can captivate and resonate with an audience. It’s been my life’s work to grow my knowledge and skill of design.


  • Industrial

  • Architectural

  • Commercial


I’ve studied 3D modeling, texturing, rigging, lighting, animation, and composition since 2011. The ability to build, connect, and share ideas from a virtual space is highly technical and invaluable. I use Blender regularly and have many years under my belt with 3DS Max, Mudbox, Quixel Suite, along with advanced Photoshop skills, hand painted textures, and baking down textures to low poly models for game ready assets.


  • Hard surface and organic modeling

  • Clean topology and edge flow

  • High to low poly baking


I’ve created motion graphics and short clips with Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Audition since 2012. I’m also skilled with Element 3D to animate custom 3D models.


  • Motion graphics

  • Custom 3D animations

  • Video editing


I enjoy the process of creating the user experience and interface, for mobile and web applications. A background in graphic design is an advantage for custom assets, but most of my energy is focused on research to create the best experience. My tool of choice is Adobe XD for designing, prototyping, and publishing, but I also use Sketch and InVision.


  • Mobile applications

  • Custom design assets

  • Quality and speed


Welding is a world I can get lost in. I enjoy the grit, heat, and beauty of metal. MIG welding since 2002 and TIG welding since 2010. I often create metal designs from 3D concepts. I tend to work on human scale fabrications and also created large scale structures and decor.


  • MIG and TIG welding

  • Geometric abstract design

  • Quality and speed


I sculpt in both additive and subtractive methods and have a trained eye for scale and form. The mediums I use include; wood, foam, wire, ceramic, metal, clay, stone, edibles, and various synthetics.


  • Large stage props

  • Scale and form

  • Quality and speed