• 2019

    Q1 2019 I launched a new 3D design service for dimensional floor plans in commercial real estate. Distinguish and visualize a space in great detail with a single render. Also interact with a floor plan from any angle with 3D rotation.

  • 2018

    Q4 2018 I completed the UI/UX design for my own mobile app design which gamifies the acquisition and distribution of photos and videos.

  • 2018

    Q1 2018 I designed the UI for a new mobile gaming application catered to horse racing enthusiasts with a reimagined look, digital currency and live race stats from around world.

  • 2017

    Since June of 2017 I've designed and published a monthly juried and curated fine art publication showcasing established and emerging artists from around the world in collaboration with artist E.E. Jacks. The publication is APERO Catalogue, it's free view and download with hardcover and soft cover books available for purchase.

  • 2017

    Since January of 2017 I've produced high caliber marketing materials in a senior design roll for the commercial real estate industry. I specialize in diverse design support from multi-page publication to video animation and 3D renders for student housing, senior housing, self-storage, and sporting venue projects. With a wide ranging skill set in graphics, 3D and motion, I produce multiple projects simultaneously with proven results. In an effort to promote the sports facility, I created a 3D model of the facility with annotations. View the 3D model here.

  • 2015

    From 2015 to 2016 I created professional marketing materials for major anchored retail centers in commercial real estate. I regularly produced multi-paged, high level offering memorandums and broker opinion of values. Additionally, I overhauled the in-house marketing materials to a modern design.

  • 2014

    From 2014 to 2015 I designed around the clock and produced 3D modeled merchandise for presentation decks to support NBC, CBS, FOX, HBO, Showtime, and FX television and cable networks online stores. Many of my projects became best sellers but what one could write home about was the Star Trek cutting board with magnetically removable engine nacelles, revealing fork and knife tools.

  • 2012

    I began learning motion design with Premiere Pro, After Effects and Audition. Most of my early projects were created from scratch with the help of 3D rendered animations and rendered still image scenes.

  • 2011

    From 2011 to 2014 I worked in a commercial real estate office supporting well over 30 brokers on any given day. I specialized in high-level design support for multi-page publications on offering memorandums, broker opinion of value presentations, calendars, to simple design projects for brochures, evites, email campaigns and postcards.

  • 2010

    In 2010 I went back to school to earn three associate degrees in digital media, art communication and liberal arts along with a certificate program for 3D modeling and animation. I also earned several academic recognition awards along the way for 3D metal sculpture, digital media portfolio, two for 3D modeling, video game design and my personal favorite, highest producer while maintaining a level of excellence.

  • 2008

    From 2008 to 2010 I held a special projects production artist title which was 100% Illustrator focused. I created high detail mockups and decals for scale model replicas for the aerospace and defense industries. My Illustrator skill level jumped a few notches while perfecting screen print layer designs for the in-house production workshop. My greatest achievement was in saving our Boeing military account. When I started in 2008 I found and fixed a glaring problem in our production drawings for the F/15 and F/18 mockups. They were horribly off in scale, detail, shape and Boeing was receiving inconsistent products. We were buried at work so I redrew each 4 view mockup at home. As a result, my new mockups matched the models perfectly and the production teams were able to achieve consistent results that greatly improved and stabilized the relationship with our Boeing military account.

  • 2005

    From 2005 to 2008 I produced custom airbrush services from my art studio and onsite locations. My portfolio ranged from automotive and industrial projects, to smaller sports and personal items.

  • 2003

    From 2003 to 2005 I created physical scenic decor props for film, television, and theatre. I applied my skills in carpentry, sculpting, painting and welding, to fabricate custom pieces from concept to complete. I also assisted with installation and staging.

  • 2002

    From 2002 to 2003 I worked as an airbrush artist in an art supply retail store that specialized in airbrush mediums. Here I created countless custom sports banners and sports related equipment and apparel

  • 2000

    In 2000 I got my first iMac computer and started to crack away on Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. I learned by studying how-to-books. As someone with a drawing and airbrush background, digital art didn't come naturally. It was arduous but I kept pushing through to learn new art skills.

  • 1999

    From 1999 to 2000 I worked in telecommunications as a dispatch operator to support the communication efforts between field and tech teams to update a mobile network. This was the first and only post high school work I ever took on that wasn't a creative position.

  • 1998

    My senior year of high school I was in ASB as a Publicity Commissioner. I was responsible for creating promotional artwork for the entire school ranging from flyers to large scale event advertising. I participated in all official school functions, events and meetings while dedicating the lunch break to working the student concessions booth.

  • 1996

    I helped my classmates on school projects for oversized designed banners, artistic scenic event backdrops and themed dance stage props. I always had fun drawing and airbrushing and all of my classmates knew I would help out with any type of creative project.

  • 1993

    I was 14 and mailed Disney Animation Studios in Burbank, California a letter about my desire to become an animator and to work at their studios along with my portfolio of drawings, sketches, and design notes. Disney responded kindly with a written reply to keep exploring and cultivating my art skills along with an entire portfolio of work for me to review and aim for along with a list of accredited art colleges they recruit from. I was over the moon to receive a critique from a company with the creative depth I admired so much. Disney also returned my original art.

  • 1990

    I was captivated by the creative power of Disney over the years with their animated films. I wanted to be one of the animators who could draw every day for work. I read any book with behind-the-scene details to get a glimpse of their creative processes to incorporate that same process in my art projects.

  • 1989

    A family friend saw my drawing skills advance over the years and bought me an airbrush kit. It was a dual action Badger Crescendo and it was a game changer.

  • 1988

    As a slightly older kid who kept drawing, I surpassed my peers and teachers art abilities. I was drawing the real world with dimension and volume, trying to understand light and perspective. If there was a pen and paper nearby, I was usually sketching out ideas and stories. I was encouraged to enter art contests by my teachers and began to achieve awards and recognition.

  • 1981

    I was just a kid who started drawing and never stopped.